Protest To Be Murdered (mini​-​album)


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johnnymcro One of the best antiwar / antimilitaristic punk songs ever!!! Favorite track: Wasn't Born As A Soldier.
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released June 17, 2014

All Songs by Poster-iti except BBG by Leş
Recorded at Bubinga Studios, Istanbul
mixed and mastered by Kenan Ibar
front cover artwork by Dogan Diren

Released as s/sided tape by DipGurultusu



all rights reserved


POSTER-ITI Istanbul, Turkey

Poster-iti formed in 2003 in Taksim, Istanbul

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Track Name: No Regret
We know what we're doing, don't need any statements
Cause we've our own rights, not considering your farce
That's the how we feel, have many reasons to fight for
We can do anything we want, not cowards not that kind

No regret, feel no shame

We're all grown up but nothing's changed inside
Still can say that all coppers are bastards
Still can say that fuck Turkey
Come on charge us what the hell you waiting for?
Track Name: Annihilate
Do you hear the people's screaming?
New religion came as nationalism
Ignorance is spread in the last century
Unexisted master race that you believed in

Annihilate the leader!
Annihitale the state!
Annihilate the flag!
Annihilate the hate!

Turkish, Kurdish, Armanian
We're all belong to the world
Who cares about your bloody land
All we need is peace to the end
Track Name: System Repeats
Finish the school to be a big man
In your dream world there's no gain
Get a job, be a slave, waste your life
Find your soul mate and sign your love

System repeats, no one speaks

All eyes are tied up with national flag
Be a puppet in government's hand
Left right left right do what they want
Can you try at least once to open your eyes?

Join the army and be a hero soldier boy
No man, you're just a government's toy
Lies of democracy puts you in a cage
Freedom of speech is just a phrase
Track Name: Is This the World We Created?
The mother earth's dying
Cannot breath under wastes
Have you enjoyed what you're doin'?
Nothing will be left in the next

Is this the world we created?
This is the earth we raped
Is this the world we created?
This is the earth we raped

No forests left behind
Dying animals all around
Industrialization kills the nature
Mankind haven't cared about the future

global warming, air pollution, hunting, extinction,
radiation, environment and lots of shit
used to said you've cared but you've destroyed it,
you killed it, you raped it, you enjoyed it
Track Name: Revolt (The Black Sea)
There are rivers flowing free
Green hills and the young black sea
Drinking blood day and night
Poor ones dig a hole for a fight


They sell our earth to us
Resist them untill they stop
Go out and tell your pals
Working class aren't ready for your help
Track Name: Wasn't Born As A Soldier
My mom brought into the world a naive baby
Who's deciding what I'm gonna be?
Who's controling my destiny?
My own choices are under pressure

Wasn't born as a soldier
Wasn't born to kill

Fucked up politics never care about life
Fucked up families grow their children with full of lies
I never chose to waste my time
But they forced to feel us cold of the machine gun